If you want your new home to look spick-and-span, then it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning! But for those who has just bought their home in the past week, it means a little more attention to detail is needed when completing these tasks. If your home and everything inside of it is well-maintained and running smoothly, then you can live a comfortable and healthy life for a long time.

Your Air Conditioner
If you have a central air conditioner unit outside, you don’t want to wait until a muggy summer day to find out it’s not working properly — or not at all. Remove the cover, if there is one, clean out any debris by hand, and then vacuum the unit with a brush attachment. Always keep the area around your air conditioner free of branches and other debris, and have the system serviced every couple of years to keep it running.

Your Attic
Insulating your attic in the warmer months is not something many people think about, but a well-insulated home will prevent your air conditioner from working too hard to cool your home all summer. If you’re an owner of one of the new townhomes in Houston TX, then get this done when your home is still new.

The Furnace 
Did you cram extra holiday decorations, litter boxes, and cleaning supplies into the attic in your previous place? So does pretty much everyone else. But the reality is that not only is storing so much “stuff” next to your attic’s furnace a fire hazard, your furnace is also deprived of the airflow it needs to operate properly. This room should be decluttered and organized to keep your space clean. While you’re in there, replace your furnace or HVAC system filters to keep your indoor air quality high and furnace running efficiently.

If your home is just built, then it’s much easier to maintain. However, if you have bought your new home from someone else, then you have to check the plumbing in the basement and unclog the drains to make sure everything functions smoothly. Understand the plumbing systems thoroughly.

Check all your wooden surfaces for moisture formations. This is applicable for new houses as well as old ones. If you have a pool, then you need to schedule this for every few months. Moisture formations can cause severe damage in the long run. Identify any excess moisture & leaks and either fix the leak or replace the wooden surfaces with water resistant materials, like vinyl and hard wood. Even using water resistant paint is a sensible option.

Take a Tour Around The Outside
Now is also the time to take care of any little tasks that need to be done on the exterior of the home. Maintaining the appearance of new townhomes in Houston TX = instant curb appeal. This means prepping garden beds, fixing chipped or missing patio stones, trimming hedges, cleaning eaves roughing, and even adding a bit more soil around your home (ensure it slopes downward away from your home) to keep water away from your foundation. Work on a schedule so that the maintenance process itself becomes a cake walk.

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