To sell your existing property for a higher price, the property must stand out both in appearance and value. If you are looking at new townhomes in Houston TX, then you should be in the process of selling your existing home now.

  1. Attraction: The property must attract customers’ attention and project a good future for its new owners. Buyers always prefer houses that are both in the vicinity of nearby retail and still provide the comfort and peace of living in a residential neighborhood. Highlighting these points in your listing is a sure way to attract more views and showings, thereby creating more competition and often leading to a higher price and perhaps even a bidding war.
  2. First Impression: Make the house stand out by applying simple artistic touches on the exterior. To do this on a budget, improve the landscaping of your home by planting seasonal flowers and laying down fresh black mulch. Lawns and landscaping are the first of what a prospective buyer sees, and first impressions are critical. Keep the lawn spruced and cut back all overgrowth regularly while your house is listed. The entrance area should be decorated with plants to lead the prospective buyer into the home. Lastly, power washing the exterior walls can make a tremendous impact on the appearance of the home and is an inexpensive alternative to paint. Most hardware stores offer power washers for daily rentals at an affordable price.
  3. Pricing: Price the property reasonably from the start and avoid lengthy negotiations. To do this, search the listings in your local market on Zillow or on your local market’s website. Pay attention to the price per square foot of similar homes recently sold in your market. Also take into account total land area as well as interior upgrades, such as flooring, appliances, and lighting fixtures. You can also consult with a realtor who has a strong presence in your local market to determine the best pricing strategy.
  4. Declutter: Depersonalize, declutter, and clean the interior as soon as you can. Creating an environment that serves as a blank canvas allows potential buyers to imagine their own furniture and comfort while providing a pleasant and attractive setting. Cleanliness often goes a long way in making a positive impression and highlight the positive aspects of a home.
  5. Staging: Staging is key. While you work on removing personal belonging and cleaning, try to keep the removal of furniture until after the sale has been complete. Buyers need to see a sort of structure to gain an idea of how everything is supposed to look. This would really help speed up a buyer’s decision making process.
  6. Flexibility: Be flexible with respect to appointment times and property access. Many buyers are often available to see properties only in hour long increments or as time permits over the weekend. To facilitate a quick sale, make as much accommodation as your schedule and lifestyle allow – the more showings you can generate the higher the chance for a quick transaction.
  7. Pets: Keep your pets away while your home is listed. A common allergic reaction to a pet is a sure way to end a showing prematurely and potentially losing your buyer. Many others simply avoid homes with pets in order to ensure their future home will provide a clean and healthy environment in both the short and long run.
  8. Listing: Work on the listing process. Make sure the listing is present on all major sites around town and around the country too. If you have a friend who is a photographer by hobby or if your real estate agent is willing to provide the service , then take advantage of the opportunity. Sellers need to wow buyers by showing the house in the best light possible. The description is another important point you need to work on with your realtor. It needs to paint a picture for the prospective buyer while not being off-putting.

If you are looking for a new townhomes in Houston TX, chances are you are also involved in an effort, often an exhausting one, to sell your existing home. As interest in Houston’s real estate businesses and investment over the last decade or so has risen sharply despite the setbacks, many have decided to participate in the real estate market either to reap quick profits or a start a new career. This makes for a very competitive market and challenges when selling one’s own home. Follow the tips above to make sure your investment is protected.

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